Available PropertyFiles:

  • A Disclosure Statement - 30 and 30a Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • B Particulars and Conditions of Sale - 30 and 30a Ramahana Road.pdf
  • C LIM Report - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • D Title - CB38D_14 30 Ramahana Road.pdf
  • D1 Title - CB24A_167 30a Ramahana Road.pdf
  • E Asbestos Report - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • F Electrical Report - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • G Pre 1935 Home Insurance Info - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • H Floorplan Elevations North - East.pdf
  • H1 Floorplan Elevations South - West.pdf
  • H2 Floorplan Lower Level.pdf
  • H3 Floorplan Sections.pdf
  • H4 Floorplan Upper Level.pdf
  • I CCC Rates - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • I2 CCC Rates - 30a Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • J Land Zoning - Green NA - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • K CCC Flood Level Map - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • K1 CCC Flood Level Map - 30a Ramahana Rd.pdf
  • L LLUR - 30 Ramahana Rd - No records found.pdf
  • /1 Auction Documentation/
    • 001 Passing Over Disclaimer.pdf
    • 002 A Guide To Buying At Auction.pdf
    • 003 REA Residential Property Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide.pdf
    • 004 Purchaser Registration To Bid At Auction.pdf
    • 005 Pre-auction offers form.pdf
    • 006 Aside Agreement.pdf
    • 007 Purchaser Acknowledgement Form.pdf
    • 008 Purchaser Consent Form Blank.pdf
    • 009 Telephone Bid Authority.pdf
    • 010 Bidding Authority.pdf
    • 011 Complaints and dispute resolution procedures.pdf
  • /2 EQC and Insurance Documentation/
    • 100 EQC CLM-2010-053140 Statement of Claim.pdf
    • 101 EQC CLM-2011-061810 Claim Assessment.pdf
    • 102 EQC CLM-2011-061810 Land Claim.pdf
    • 103 EQC CLM-2011-061810 Land Claim Retaining Wall Scope.pdf
    • 104 EQC CLM-2011-061810 Powell Fenwick Engineers Report 2011 - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
    • 105 EQC CLM-2011-061810 Land Claim Survey Plan.pdf
    • 106 Powell Fenwick Engineers Report 2013 - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
    • 107 Cook-Costello Structural Solution Confirmation - 30 Ramahana Road.pdf
    • 200 IAG Insurance Claim 100422632 AECOM Initial Inspection Report.pdf
    • 201 IAG Insurance Claim 100422632 Home Assessment Sumary.pdf
    • 202 BCN-2014-12399 Road Retaining Wall Consent Exemption.pdf
    • 203 BCN-2014-12399 Application Original - Building Act Exemption - Supporting Documents.pdf
    • 204 Soil&Rock Consultants Geotechnical Investigation Report 310314.pdf
    • 205 Soil&Rock Consultants Geotechnical Retaining Wall Design Report 250814.pdf
    • 206 Topografo Survey Information to March 2013 - 30 Ramahana Rd.pdf
    • 207 Topografo Survey Information to March 2013 - 30 Ramahana Rd 2.pdf

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Ray White Ferrymead

Licensed REAA 2008

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Gained Premiere sales achievement for Ray White 2014-2017

Three words to describe Paula and Simon Standeven are Energy, Enthusiasm and Expertise!

With over 10 years experience and consistently achieving among the top sales in their office they believe in treating people the way they would like to be treated. Providing options, guidance and keeping their clients fully informed throughout the entire process is crucial.

They like to treat each and every home as their own pet project from beginning to end, and with the power of two they have the ability to provide unparalleled service and give each home homeowner the ultimate care they deserve.

If you are looking for two hard working, friendly and down to earth professionals, look no further than Paula and Simon Standeven. They are extremely flexible in their approach as they understand that no two clients are the same. They have a proven track record in achieving great results consistently and are often exceeding their clients expectations. Their service level over the years has earned many accolades, none more important than their clients respect and referral business.