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  • /Christchurch City Council Property Files/
    • =?UTF-8?Q?=5B12_660998=5DCDB75083679_=2D_Geotech_=2D_S124_Hazard_Verificatio?= =?UTF-8?Q?n_Report_Final_=2D_2012=2D05=2D04_=E2=80=93_11_MAURICE_KNOWLES_LANE=2EPDF?=
    • =?UTF-8?Q?=5B12_716841=5DCDB75083679_=2D_Geotech_=E2=80=93_Groundtruthing_Rockfa?= =?UTF-8?Q?ll_Report_=E2=80=93_2012=2D04=2D06_=2D_Maurice_Knowles_Lane_11=2EPDF?=
    • [08 217862]ABA 10067014 11 Maurice Knowles Lane DC Assessment.XLS
    • [08 36012]PIM 10067014.DOC
    • [08 376486]Letter to the owner to confirm the boundary line.DOC
    • [08 66588]PIM Drainage 10067014 11 Maurice Knowles Lane.DOC
    • [09 233847]11 Maurice knowles Lane 1photo of plugged drain.BMP
    • [09 233851]11 Maurice Knowles Lane2 Photo.BMP
    • [11 43192]SWM80007198 Pool - File - Completed working file 2010-12-17.PDF
    • [12 486653]Geotech - CDB75083679 - s124 review flowchart with life safety risk zone - 2012-05-07.PDF
    • [12 533825]Geotech - CDB75083679 - Removal of s124 Letter - 2012-07-06.PDF
    • [12 621894]CDB75083679 EQ Rapid Assessment 2011-03-25 Red Placard 11 MAURICE KNOWLES LANE.PDF
    • [17 1191852]11 MAURICE KNOWLES LANE CASHMERE Scanned Documents.PDF
    • [17 1191853]20018932 11 MAURICE KNOWLES LANE CASHMERE Scanned Documents.PDF
    • [17 1191854]ABA10067014 11 MAURICE KNOWLES LANE CASHMERE Scanned Documents.PDF
  • /Compressed Property File/
    • Combined Property Pack.pdf
  • /Do You Need Finance to Buy This Home?/
    • Mortgage Express Duane Aarts.pdf
  • /EQC Documents/
    • EQC Information Response - CLM-2011-240391 - 11 Maurice Knowles Lane SAR.pdf
  • /EQC Handover Monies/
    • EQC Handover.docx
  • /Information for Buyers/
    • AML Identification Warning Flyer.pdf
    • Overseas Investment Act Purchaser Acknowledgement Form.PDF
    • Overseas Investment Right to Buy - Information for Buyers.pdf
    • Sale and Purchase Agency Agreement Guide.pdf
  • /Insurance Certificate/
    • ASB Insurance- Confirmation of Cover.pdf
  • /Insurance Schedule/
    • ASB Insurance- Policy Schedule.pdf
  • /Pictures/
    • Pictures.docx
  • /Sale and Purchase Agreement/
    • 11 Maurice Knowles Lane - S&P.pdf
  • /Title - Guaranteed Search Copy/
    • Title (Guaranteed Search Copy).pdf
  • /Title - Historical Search Copy/
    • Title (Historical Search Copy).pdf
  • /Title - Search Copy/
    • Title (Search Copy).pdf
  • /Your Agent/
    • Your Agent Andrea Allen.pdf

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Andrea Allen graced local screens on Canterbury Television off and on for ten years.  Her gregarious personality warmly welcomed in viewers and guests to her studio for light hearted banter and entertaining conversation.  Andreas willingness to help people and the wider community has allowed her to assist charities by MCing and organising charity auction events.  Andrea proudly is a resident of the Waimakariri District and is an active member of the Woodend Sefton Community Board.  2017 has seen a relaunch of Andreas career pursuits and she is proudly a member of the Harcourts Grenadier City team as a licensed Real Estate Agent.  She relishes her spare time with her family and her lust for fast cars has become a bit of an obsession.  She calls her self a middle class bogan - proudly!