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    • \20153583-14CHISBURYTCESHELLYPARK2014-20153583F.TIF-71-950408.pdf
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    • \BCO10255524-14ChisburyTerrace,Shell-9-507813.pdf
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    • \BCO10255524-OutgoingCor-17-849000.pdf
    • \BCO10255524-Plan-7-397796.pdf
    • \BCO10255524-Requestforfurtherinformat-19-517389.pdf
    • \BCO10255524-ScheduleofInspections-2-256243.pdf
    • \BCO10255524-TechnicalLiterature-14-297832.pdf
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Property Description

First time on the market since new for this impressive family home offering 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, huge living spaces including a lower rumpus. Located in an upmarket cul de sac and built of solid brick, tile and cedar weatherboards this 310 sqm (mol) home has a real feeling of spaciousness and volume.

The section is around 956 sqm (mol), you'll be surprised and impressed at the usable space and versatility on offer. The layout of the home creates privacy and separation for a growing or extended family. Considerable off-street parking ensures space for multiple cars, boats or maybe even a caravan, and there is ample room for entertaining on the rear expansive deck.

Secure storage to the underside of the property for all those gardening and maintenance essentials is a real bonus. Situated within an easy walk to local beaches and beachside walkways with Howick village nearby. Zoned for popular Shelly Park Primary, Somerville Intermediate and Howick College.

Come and investigate this stunning family sized property offering comfortable living.

For sale by auction - Tuesday, 11th December 2018 at 4pm on site (unless sold prior)

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