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  • 24A Voelas Road _ Project sign off .pdf
  • 24A Voelas Road _COC electrical.pdf
  • 24A Voelas Road _EQ Report.pdf
  • 24a Voelas Road _ EQ Rapid Assessmen~ Green Placard 24A VOELAS ROAD.PDF
  • 24a Voelas Road _ EQC.pdf
  • 24a Voelas Road _ Electrical Cert.pdf
  • 24a Voelas Road _ Geotech report - Groundt~ 2 Voelas Road 24A.PDF
  • 24a Voelas Road _ Insulation.pdf
  • 24a Voelas Road _ invoice Bor .pdf
  • 24a Voelas Road _EQC Claim.pdf
  • Disclosures - 24a Voelas Road.pdf
  • LLUR - 24a Voelas Road.pdf
  • Rates - 24a Voelas Road.png
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement - 24a Voelas Road FULL.pdf
  • TC CAT - 24a Voelas Road.png
  • Title - 24a Voelas Road.pdf
  • /Council Files/
    • [11 243047]CDB75076683 EQ Rapid Assessment 2011-02-26 Green Placard 24A VOELAS ROAD.PDF
    • [12 726763]CDB75076683- Geotech - Groundtruthing Rockfall Report - 2012-04-23 - Voelas Road 24A.PDF
    • [15 1195219]24A VOELAS ROAD LYTTELTON Scanned Documents.PDF
    • [15 1195221]78802 24A VOELAS ROAD LYTTELTON Scanned Documents.PDF
    • [15 1195222]B090264 24A VOELAS ROAD LYTTELTON Scanned Documents.PDF
    • [15 1195223]24A VOELAS ROAD LYTTELTON Scanned Documents.PDF
    • [15 1195224]24A VOELAS ROAD LYTTELTON Scanned Documents.PDF
    • [15 1195225]24A VOELAS ROAD LYTTELTON Scanned Documents.PDF
    • [15 626520]BCN20155008 - Application Original - Specification.PDF
    • [15 626527]BCN20155008 - Application Original - Plans.PDF
    • [15 626531]BCN20155008 - Application Original - Building Consent.PDF
    • [15 626576]BCN20155008 - Processing - Checksheet - B-158.DOC
    • [15 626585]BCN20155008 - CT Request.MSG
    • [15 626625]BCN20155008 - Application accepted with deposit invoice.DOC
    • [15 626635]BCN20155008 - Consent - Plans Specifications and Supporting Documents - APPROVED.PDF
    • [15 629867]BCN20155008 - Application - Certificate of Title - 94.PDF
    • [15 635626]BCN20155008 - Consent - Inspections.DOC
    • [15 635672]BCN20155008 - Consent - Conditions.DOC
    • [15 635770]BCN20155008 - Consent - Section 51.DOC
    • [15 636401]BCN20155008 - Invoice.DOC
    • [15 636605]BCN20155008 - Application accepted with deposit invoice.PDF
    • [15 636611]BCN20155008 - Application accepted with deposit invoice - Email.EML
    • [15 636627]BCN20155008 - Processing - Tasks and Fees - B103.XLSX
    • [15 636648]BCN20155008 - Consent - Inspections - APPROVED.PDF
    • [15 636656]BCN20155008 - Consent - Conditions - APPROVED.PDF
    • [15 636681]BCN20155008 - Consent - Section 51.PDF
    • [15 670013]ADD20156500 - Additional information - Proof of Payment.PDF
    • [15 670053]BCN20155008 - Email to Revenue.EML
    • [15 672406]BCN20155008 - Building consent issued.DOC
    • [15 672514]BCN20155008 - Building consent issued.EML
    • [15 851309]BCN20155008 - Inspection - 232 - Solid or Liquid Fuel Heater - Final - 2015-07-14 - Pass.pdf.PDF
    • [15 851312]BCN20155008 - Inspection - Site Notice - 2015-07-14.pdf.PDF
    • [15 880935]BCN20155008 Code Compliance - Construction Statement B-083.PDF
    • [15 880942]BCN20155008 Application - Code Compliance Certificate - B-011 - 2015-07-21.PDF
    • [15 880987]BCN20155008- Code Compliance - Code Compliance Findings - B203 - ACCEPTED.DOCX
    • [15 904781]BCN20155008 - Code Compliance Certificate.DOC
    • [15 904814]BCN20155008 - Code Compliance Certificate Approved.PDF
    • [15 904835]BCN20155008 - Code Compliance - Code Compliance Certificate sent to agent.EML
  • /Deadline Documents/
    • =?UTF-8?Q?Deadline_Authority_=E2=80=93_Addendum_to_Agency_Agreement=2Epdf?=
    • Buying or Selling | REA GUIDE.pdf
    • Consent by Purchaser.pdf
    • Consent by Vendor.pdf
    • Guide to buying by Deadline Sale.pdf
    • Multiple Offer Presentation.pdf
    • Passing over Disclaimer.pdf
    • Pre-Deadline Sale Process.pdf
    • Registration of Interest Deadline Sale.pdf

Property Description


Nestled on 974m2 of prime harbourside real estate, this late 1800s HOME embraces the quirky charm Lyttelton is known for. Enriched in history while embracing modern conveniences, this HOME is the boathold you've been looking for.

The HOME offers:

Two double bedrooms and one single
974m2 flat section
Freehold title
Open plan kitchen, living and dining
Masport wood burner
Established landscaping
Dual access from Voelas Road and Cunningham Terrace
Walking distance to the Lyttelton Hub
Single car garage
Fully insured
Views over Lyttelton Harbour

This HOME is rich in history, being an original Lyttelton section first sold by the Crown to Benjamin Woolley Dudley, who has various streets named after him and later became the Archdeacon of Rangiora.

With our owners' plans to relocate overseas, this is an opportunity not to be missed. You will not find another HOME with this much history, charm, and potential within the bay area. Call your local Lyttelton HOME specialists today for more information.

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