Available PropertyFiles:

  • /Certificate of Title/
    • 10170320.32.pdf
    • 113505.pdf
    • 649814.pdf
    • CB12F430.pdf
  • /Engineering Reports/
    • Basement Layout - Demolished Building.pdf
    • Basement Layout - Demolished Building.pdf
    • Structural Drawings - Demolished Building.pdf
    • Structural Drawings - Demolished Building.pdf
  • /Information Memorandum/
    • Bayleys Information Memorandum 126 -130 Hereford St, CBD, Christchurch.pptx
  • /Land Information Memorandum/
    • LIM 126 Hereford St.pdf
    • LIM 130 Hereford St.pdf
  • /Lease/
    • FW TSB - Wilsons Parking Lease at 126-130 Hereford Street - Early Termination.pdf
  • /Rates/
    • Rates and valuation search _ Christchurch City Council 126 Hereford St.pdf
    • Rates and valuation search _ Christchurch City Council 130 Hereford St.pdf
  • /Site Access Hereford St Upgrade/
    • TSB Property - Hereford Street Christchurch.msg
  • /Streetworks/
    • Final Plan - Hereford Street.pdf

Property Description

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Contact Jeremy Speight

Whalan and Partners Ltd, Bayleys,

Licensed under the REA Act 2008

+64 3 375 4700   +64 27 655 5647   jeremy.speight@bayleys.co.nz

The Christchurch commercial and industrial property market is in an unprecedented state of change after the earthquakes which presents opportunities for some, and for others there are very difficult decisions to make. Getting the right advice is critical and Jeremy provides the Bayleys commercial and industrial sales and leasing team with a unique blend of business experience, skills and knowledge. As well as facilitating the traditional property sales and leasing transactions he introduces a collaborative approach to maximizing value from property opportunities. He is able to assemble a team of appropriately qualified and experienced specialists as required, in order to scope and explore situations and present innovative options for commercial and industrial property owners.

Jeremy received secondary school and university education in Christchurch and is emotionally and financially invested in the rebuild of Christchurch.

He is secretary of the Victoria Streetscape Project Committee, a group of businesses, building owners and tenants in Victoria Street who have been in collaboration with the Christchurch City Council, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, and other stakeholders with a vision to be the most vibrant urban space that enhances our city and our personal well-being.