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Property Description

The units on offer are situated in the stunning Oakridge resort just 3 kilometers from New Zealand’s 4th largest lake, this relaxing hotel is surrounded by beautiful nature and is a great starting point for outdoor activities.

With Lake Wanaka only a short drive away, Oakridge Resort Wanaka enjoys a convenient location for outdoor activities, including bushwalking, mountain climbing, and golf. Of course, there are also kayaking, jet-skiing, and windsurfing facilities nearby. In winter, the snow covered slopes of Treble Cone and Cardrona awaits you.

Among the fine facilities of Oakridge Resort Wanaka are heated pools with poolside bar and a day spa. The hotel also comes with an excellent restaurant serving creative New Zealand cuisine prepared with the best local ingredients.

Oakridge Resort offers a total of 173 rooms and is one of the best accommodation offerings in Wanaka.

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He has a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication).

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