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Details contained are sourced from: PROPERTYSMARTS, REINZ, CCC, SDC, Cera, Property Smarts, and the Vendor.
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This information has been supplied by the vendor or the vendor’s agents. Accordingly BlueSky Real Estate Limited is merely passing over the information as supplied to us by the vendor or the vendor’s agents. We cannot guarantee its accuracy and reliability as we have not checked, audited, or reviewed the information and all intending purchasers are advised to conduct their own due diligence investigation into the same. To the maximum extent permitted by law BlueSky Real Estate Limited do not accept any responsibility to any person for the accuracy of the information herein.

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We do things a little differently here at BlueSky. Well, to be honest, a lot differently!
For starters, our performance driven commission structure is pretty different.
Be honest, at some point you’ve probably questioned whether real estate agents really have their clients’ best interests at heart. At BlueSky, you can be sure of it because we tie our interests together. We’re dedicated to getting you the best price and best result because our performance driven commission structure means you choose what you’ll pay based on goals we agree on together.
But even beyond our great rates, no matter how you look at it, you’re better off with us.
We operate with all the latest tools and resources, but that doesn't mean we're a big ‘corporate' organisation. We’re a tight-knit team who choose to focus on quality over quantity. We choose to be the size we are. It allows us to be agile and responsive as the market evolves and ensures we can deliver attentive, personalised service to each and every client we work alongside.
Our cohesive team is a group of experienced professionals who work collaboratively to produce great results for our clients. There’s no ego involved, no personal aspirations driving our agents to cut corners and secure listings at any cost.
If you want better value, better returns and better service from a boutique agency focused on relationships and partnership rather than volume, talk to us. It’s real estate, better together.